Where did the Art Community Go?

Maybe I’m a straggler on the edge of the art community, but is it just me or have sites like Deviantart gone into community-wide hibernation?

I recall the days I could go on Deviantart and talk with handfuls of people for hours like – every day. Even when Weasyl first came out, the community was booming and going strong under the excitement of having a new place to share their work.

But now? Deviantart is a ghost town, guys. Every time I check out the forums the latest posts were made over an hour ago. That might not sound like a long time to some people, but to me? In an age where instant communication online is the norm and hour is practically AGES. The person that posted is no longer there in my eyes. They’ve moved on to some other interesting corner of the internet.

I guess it only concerns me because I miss sharing things with a LARGE amount of people; posting illustrations with a pretty much guarantee that I was going to reply to somebody new. Maybe I’ve been out of the game for too long. Maybe there’s some invisible line that I’m standing outside of because I just..can’t…seem to get back into online communities like Deviantart and Weasyl (as much as I would love to!)

Where did everybody go?

Perhaps facebook is starting to come back around again community-wise. Facebook groups are a great way for artists to connect online. I mean, look at Zombie Studio! We’re a small and tight-knit community, but people are sharing what they’re working on almost every day AND we can talk to each other fairly quickly. That’s awesome!

I recently joined a couple daily sketch groups and am following the One Fantastic Week guys on facebook to get my fix.

To be honest..so far it hasn’t been too bad. I thoroughly enjoy the people I’ve been meeting and talking to through facebook artist groups. I just miss the good old days of gallery-connected art communities. Who knows. Maybe they’ll make a comeback. Maybe they won’t be saturated with fanart porn (although I do love porn – I’d like to see more variety) and the like.

Maybe I am completely overreacting haha.

Only time will tell.