Student Corner: Finishing My First Classes!

As my online classes in Art History come into its last few weeks of presentations, I am both very happy for it to be over and also excited for the classes to come next month!

Since signing up for the Art Institute of Phoenix in November, so far I’ve come in with mixed feelings. The Art Institute gets a lot of negative buzz – just look on youtube and you’ll find a myriad of jaded graduates, students, and ex-students giving their input on what a horrible scam the Art Institutes was for them! I’ve been looking into the institutes since my junior year of high school – I know that its reputation is not the best.

But my dad always told me that anything you go into is only as valuable as you make it out to be. Meaning, my education, no matter where I go, is only going to be as valuable as the amount of work I put in while keeping in mind what the school can do for me. Everything is going to come down to what this school can do for me. And I need to ask myself – would I have learned what I am going to be learning on my own? Probably not. I wouldn’t know where to start!

I know I’m really not one to be talking, as I’m still green behind the ears and probably blinded by rosy glasses as a freshly new student. But I can’t help it! I’m not going to go into the goal I’ve set up for myself for years with a negative mindset, expecting the worst. That’s just not me, guys!

A traditional education is not for everyone, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to make the best of mine and see where it takes me… It’s not so much the degree I care about as the knowledge I hope to gain.



I did a lot of sketching in between work and classes this month. Here’s a few of my favorites!


That said, I took two classes for the months of November and December: Perspective and Art History. I have to say, obviously, Perspective was my favorite of the two because it was more hands on and refreshed fundamentals that I hadn’t visited in years. Art History? Well! That’s another story.

Art History was rough. With a presentation due every week based on the readings of so many pages every small number of days – I almost struggled to keep up! But I’m glad it was one of the first classes I was given, because I had to quickly establish better study habits that would work with my full time job while I was still in the military. I’m happy to say that these are my last two weeks in this class haha.

Anyways, I’m including some of the homework I did for my perspective class, and also some of the artwork I was able to get done in my spare time. Drawing is always fun for me – even when it is work, which it oftentimes is. I’m excited for my next set of classes in January…wish me luck!!